African Wild Dogs Vs Honey Badger Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Are you also a wildlife enthusiast? Then you are on the right page as today we will discuss about two more dangerous and interesting canines found in Africa. While having the same strength and agility, they both have different characteristics and hunting methods. Let us go further to know more about African Wild Dogs vs Honey Badger Fight Comparison – Who Will Win?

Physical Features of African Wild Dogs Vs Honey Badger

Physical features are most unique features of these animals to be talked about. Let us talk physiques of both animals one by one in table format below-

CharacteristicsAfrican Wild DogHoney Badger
Height at Shoulder60 - 75 cm23 - 28 cm
Weight20 - 25 kg9 - 16 kg
Lifespan11 years4 - 7 years
HabitatSub-Saharan AfricaSub-Saharan Africa, Southwest Asia
Social BehaviorPack animal, highly socialSolitary or in pairs
Hunting StyleCooperative hunting in packs, chasing down preyOpportunistic scavengers, also capable of hunting small prey
DietMainly small to medium-sized prey, such as antelopes and gazellesSmall mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, as well as carrion
AppearanceMottled coat of black, white, and brown with large ears and bushy tailThick, tough skin, black and white striped coat, and powerful jaws and claws
Conservation StatusEndangeredLeast Concern
OriginAfricaAfrica, Southwest Asia
ColorBlack, white, brownBlack and white stripes
Predators ComparisonLions, hyenas, humansPredators of honey badgers are humans and larger carnivores like lions and leopards

African wild dogs

  •  They are slender and long-legged with a height of 30 inches at the shoulder
  • Carry weight of 50 to 70 pounds
  • They have a distinctive coat pattern that is usually tan, black, and white, with large rounded ears
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Honey badgers

  • Small but tough animals
  • Have a height of only 9 to 12 inches at the shoulder and a weight of 22 to 40 pounds.
  • They have thick, loose, and rubbery skin, and short, sturdy legs with sharp claws.

Hunting Tactics

African wild dogs

  • They are pack hunters, and hunt in groups of 6 to 20 individuals.
  • They communicate through vocalizations,
  • They have a high success rate in hunting prey, even larger animals such as zebras and antelope
  • They also have a unique hunting tactic where they run alongside their prey until it gets exhausted, and then they make their attack.

Honey badgers

  • They are solitary hunters
  • They are known for their fearless and aggressive behavior.
  • They can take on prey much larger than themselves, such as buffalos and lions.
  • They have an amazing sense of smell, which they use to locate their prey.

Fighting Abilities

African wild dogs are strong hunters as compared to honey badgers. They can coordinate and attack their prey simultaneously, making it difficult for their prey to defend itself. However, they are not very skilled fighters when it comes to one-on-one fights. Honey badgers, on the other hand, are agile fighters, and they are not afraid to take on animals much larger than themselves. They have a thick and tough skin that is difficult to penetrate, and they also have strong jaws and sharp teeth.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

Although it is difficult to determine who would win in a fight but we will discuss one by one their techniques.  If it is a one-on-one fight, the honey badger would have the upper hand due to its strength and fighting abilities. However, if the African wild dogs attack as a pack, they can overcome the honey badger with their group.

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In a nutshell, Both African wild dogs and honey badgers are wild hunters with their own features and hunting methods. Although African wild dog are stronger than honey badgers but it can not overcome them while fighting. As honey badge can fight solo while African wild dogs fight in groups . So it is an advantage of honey badgers over African wild dogs.


  • Are African wild dogs endangered?

Yes, African wild dogs are considered endangered due to habitat loss and human activities such as hunting and snaring.

  • Can honey badgers climb trees?

Yes, honey badgers are excellent climbers and can climb trees to escape from predators or to access beehives.

  • How fast can African wild dogs run?

African wild dogs can run at speeds of up to 44 miles per hour.

  • Can honey badgers kill lions?

While honey badgers have been known to fight and kill lions, it is a rare occurrence.

  • What is the average lifespan of African wild dogs?

The average lifespan of African wild dogs is around 10 years in the wild.

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