African Wild Dogs Vs Wolverine Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

African wild dogs and Wolverines are two fascinating animals with unique abilities, hunting tactics, and survival instincts. Both species are known for their fierce nature and are among the most ferocious predators in the animal kingdom. In this article, we will compare African Wild Dogs Vs Wolverine Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

African Wild Dogs Vs Wolverine Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

The detailed table comparison betwene Wolverine vs African wild dog is given below-

FeatureAfrican Wild DogsWolverines
Height at Shoulder60-75 cm (24-30 in)30-45 cm (12-18 in)
Weight20-30 kg (44-66 lb)10-25 kg (22-55 lb)
Lifespan11-14 years5-13 years
HabitatSavannas and grasslandsArctic and boreal forests, tundra, and mountainous regions
Social BehaviorLive in packs with a dominant alpha pairSolitary except during mating season
Hunting StyleCooperative hunting with high stamina for long chasesOpportunistic scavengers and hunters with strong jaws
DietMainly hunt medium-sized antelopes and other ungulatesOmnivorous, with a diet of small mammals, carrion, and occasionally large prey
AppearanceSlender and colorful with large earsStocky with thick fur and sharp claws
Conservation StatusEndangeredLeast concern, some populations are threatened or near threatened
OriginEndemic to AfricaFound in North America, Europe, and Asia
ColorDistinctive coat pattern of yellow, black, and whiteDark brown with lighter stripes or patches
PredatorsHumans, lions, and hyenasLarger predators such as wolves and bears

Physical Characteristics

African Wild Dogs

  • Also known as painted dogs
  • Are medium-sized predators that can weigh up to 70 pounds and grow up to 30 inches tall
  • Have long legs, large ears, and a lean, muscular body that enables them to run up to 44 miles per hour
  • Their coats are multi-colored with patches of yellow, black, and white
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  • Member of the weasel family and are the largest terrestrial member of the family
  • Can grow up to 40 inches in length and weigh up to 55 pounds
  • Have a stocky, muscular body with short legs and large, powerful paws with non-retractable claws that can be up to two inches long
  • Their fur is thick, oily, and primarily dark brown.

Diet and Hunting Techniques

African Wild Dogs

  • They hunt in packs of up to 20 individuals, using teamwork to bring down their prey
  • They are known for their endurance, as they can run for miles without stopping to catch their prey
  • They primarily hunt medium-sized ungulates, such as antelopes and wildebeest
  • They use their sharp teeth to deliver a killing bite to the throat or stomach, which causes the prey to bleed out.


  • Wolverines are solitary hunters, known for their tenacity and aggressiveness
  • They are opportunistic feeders and will scavenge for food or hunt smaller mammals, such as rodents and rabbits
  • They are also known to attack larger animals, such as deer and elk, by targeting their soft underbelly
  • They will bite and claw their prey until they bleed out, and then will feed on the carcass.

Comparing Fights


  • In terms of physical strength, wolverines are stronger than African wild dogs.
  • Wolverines have a muscular build and powerful jaws, making them capable of crushing bones and tearing through tough hides
  • African wild dogs, on the other hand, have a leaner build, making them faster and more agile.


  • African wild dogs are more agile than wolverines due to their lean build, long legs, and high endurance
  • They are capable of chasing prey for miles without stopping and can make sharp turns and sudden stops quickly
  • Wolverines are more lumbering, with short legs that make them less agile.
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Defense System

  • Both African wild dogs and wolverines have unique defense mechanisms.
  • African wild dogs rely on their pack to protect them from predators, while wolverines use their thick, oily fur to protect them from extreme temperatures and sharp objects
  • Wolverines also have the ability to release a strong, musky odor that can ward off predators.


In a nutshell, If an African wild dog and a wolverine would fight, it would be a no win situation as both are similar.

While wolverines are stronger and have powerful jaws, African wild dogs are more agile and have the advantage of hunting in packs. The outcome of a fight would ultimately depend on several factors, such as the location, size of the animals, and other environmental factors.

FAQs about African Wild Dogs Vs Wolverine Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Q1: Are African wild dogs endangered?

Yes, African wild dogs are classified as endangered due to habitat loss,poaching, and disease.

Q2: Can wolverines climb trees?

Due to their short legs, wolverines can not climb tree

Q3: Are African wild dogs dangerous to humans?

Being shy in nature, and tending to avoid human contact, African wild dogs are not a threat to humans.

Q4: Do wolverines have any natural predators?

Being on the top of their food chain, wolverines do not have any natural predators.

Q5: Can African wild dogs kill larger animals like buffalo?

While they are capable of taking down larger prey, such as buffalo, they usually hunt in packs and target weaker or injured animals

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