African Wild Dogs Vs Coyote Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Are you also a wildlife hunting lover? Today we will all compare the most exciting canine hunters that are Coyotes and African wild dogs. And will conclude who will win this hunt?

Both species are the most hunting animals in their own species. In this article, we will compare their features such as characteristics, strength, hunting tactics, and appearances. So let us check out African Wild Dogs Vs Coyote Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

African Wild Dogs physical Appearance & characteristics

Appearance and Characteristics

African Wild Dogs are:

  • They are known for their unique appearance
  • They are characterized by a coat of mottled fur that is black, brown, yellow, and white in color
  • They have long legs, big ears, and a bushy tail.
  • They are also known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, which they use to hunt and tear apart their prey.

Size and Strength

  • The height of African wild dogs is about 30 inches.
  • They weighs upto 80 pounds.
  • They are known for their impressive endurance
  • They can run at a top speed of 44 miles per hour for extended periods
  • They are very powerful, and their muscular bodies allow them to take down prey that is much larger than themselves.

Hunting Tactics

African Wild Dogs

  • African Wild Dogs are social animals and hunt in packs
  •  They use a cooperative hunting technique, where they chase their prey and wear them down over long distances.
  • As they catch their prey, they surround it and take turns biting and tearing it apart until it is dead.
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Coyote physical appearance and characteristics

Appearance and Characteristics

  • Coyotes are smaller than African Wild Dogs in size
  •  African wild dogs are grayish-brown in color.
  • They have a bushy tail and pointed ears
  • They are also known for their intelligence and adaptability, which allows them to thrive in a variety of different environments.

Strength and SIze

  • Coyotes are shorter than African Wild Dogs
  •  Their height is about 2 feet
  • They weigh up to 50 pounds
  • They are agile and quick,
  • Their agility allows them to run at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour.
  • They are also known for their strong jaws and teeth, which they use to kill and eat their prey.

Hunting Tactics

  • Coyotes are quick hunters
  • They do not leave any opportunity to hunt and will hunt anything from small rodents to deer.
  • They are typically solitary hunters, but they have been known to hunt in pairs or small groups.
  • They will often stalk their prey before attacking it, using their speed and agility to catch it.

Coyote vs African wild dogs Comparison

Here is compare Coyote vs African wild dogs comparison in table form.

CharacteristicsAfrican Wild DogCoyote
Height at Shoulder60 - 75 cm58 - 66 cm
Weight20 - 25 kg7 - 21 kg
Lifespan11 years6 - 8 years
HabitatSub-Saharan AfricaNorth America
Social BehaviorPack animal, highly socialOften solitary or form small packs
Hunting StyleCooperative hunting in packs, chasing down preyMostly solitary hunters, using stalking and pouncing techniques
DietMainly small to medium-sized prey, such as antelopes and gazellesOpportunistic, feeding on a variety of prey including small mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects
AppearanceMottled coat of black, white, and brown with large ears and bushy tailGrayish-brown fur with a bushy tail and pointed ears
Conservation StatusEndangeredLeast Concern
OriginAfricaNorth America
ColorBlack, white, brownGrayish-brown
Predators ComparisonLions, hyenas, humansWolves, cougars, humans
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In terms of comparison, African wild dog and coyote, both have unique set of features, skills, and advantages. But if we talk about victory in a fight, an African wild dog would be the winner because it is much more stronger and larger than a coyote. Their hunting skills are much more specialized than that of Coyote resulting in a clear win.


In a nutshell, It is uncertain to know who will win when a fight happens between two. But it is sure that African wild dogs are on the top in terms of size, strength, and hunting techniques. However, both the hunters are skilled in hunting and should be admired for their uniqueness in skills and abilities.


  • Are African Wild Dogs dangerous to humans?

African Wild Dogs are generally not a threat to humans as they do not come in contact easily.

  • Are Coyotes dangerous to humans?

Coyotes are also not a threat to humans. In contrast, they are known for attacking small pets.

  • Can African Wild Dogs and Coyotes interbreed?

Definitely not. They are from different species and hence can not interbreed.

  • How do African Wild Dogs communicate with each other?

African Wild Dogs are group animals and hence good at communicating within their breed. They mainly communicate through their vocals and body language.

  • How do Coyotes adapt to living in urban environments?

Coyotes are mainly found in urban areas in search of their hunt.

In conclusion, both the predators African Wild Dogs and Coyotes are skilled predators. But African Wild Dogs have the advantage in terms of size, and strength. Coyotes are good at hunting when they are alone. So being a human, these species should be admired and preserved to maintain our ecosystem. Hope you like this wonderful article on African Wild Dogs Vs Coyote Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

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