Lycaon Pictus African Dog User Reviews

Lycaon Pictus

The Lycaon Pictus, also known as the African wild dog, Cape hunting dog, and painted wolf, is a small canid native to Africa. Similar to the coyote and the grey wolf, the Lycaon Pictus is the only member of the genus Lycaon. The Lycaon Pictus is a very sociable creature that travels and forages in … Read more

How did elimination of rinderpest in the serengeti affects

rinderpest in the serengeti

The Serengeti’s buffalo population nearly vanished due to rinderpest before the disease was finally eradicated. Since the eradication of the disease, however, the buffalo population has recovered and is doing quite well. The decline of rinderpest has helped the buffalo population grow, and they are now thriving in the Serengeti. A definition for Rinderpest would … Read more

African Wild Dog Mix Benefits and User reviews

African Wild Dog Mix

The results for those who take the innovative supplement known as African Wild Dog Mix are promising. These benefits include not only less fatigue but also better brainpower and less stress. There are no synthetic chemicals or fillers in African Wild Dog Mix; it is a completely natural product. It does not cause dependency and … Read more

African wild dog Reviews

African wild dog

The African wild dog is a very sociable creature, often found in packs of up to 40 individuals. A male and female lead the pack, along with their offspring and sometimes other adult relatives. Together, the dogs use their keen noses and hunting skills to track down their prey. On average, a pack can kill … Read more